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Language Centre


Learn ESOL in Anandpur
ESOL is an acronym which means 'English for Speakers of Other Languages' i.e., English for mother tongue speakers of languages other than English. This acronym is fast replacing terms like 'EFL' (English as a Foreign Language) and 'ESL' (English as a Second Language), 'EAL' (English as an Additional Language), etc. At Anandpur we run ESOL courses for all levels.
Why Anandpur?
- English is the de facto language of Anandpur;
- Anandpurians (that's how we refer to Anandpur residents) are fluent in Portuguese largely due to the community's location in southern Brazil but this language is seldom spoken (The Community abides by an English-only policy);
- When you decide to spend time learning English here in Anandpur, you can be sure that you will hone your language skills to a very high level by using English every single day;
- ...
Thanks to its English-speaking environment, Anandpur is also an excellent choice for you to learn or improve your English language skills. Why not study ESL (English as a Second Language) with us? [more]

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