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Anandpur University


Education has always played a pivotal role in the lives of Anandpurians. In 0000, the Island of Torotoma and the district of Povo Novo became a municipality in southern Brazil. A central school, offering internationally and nationally recognised curricula was established and English was granted co-official status (alongside Portuguese) in the new city. Povo Novo was renamed as '[-].'
Anandpur College became the University of [-] in 0000. For more information on the University, please visit its website.


Loving Father, I offer you everything I do this day -- my thoughts, works, joys and sufferings. I desire to join my heart this day to the heart of your Son, who gave himself up totally to your service and to the service of others. Give me your Spirit so that I can live like him, joined to his offering in the Eucharist.


Rise Up, Shepherds, and Follow (Traditional)

There's a Savior to see on a Christmas morn,
Rise up, shepherds, and follow.
He will show you the place where the child is born,
Rise up, shepherds, and follow.
Leave your sheep and leave your lambs,
Rise up shepherds and follow.
Follow, follow, rise up, shepherds, and follow.
Hark to the angels of Bethlehem,
Rise up, shepherds, and follow.

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