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About Us


Anandpur, the "City of Bliss", is a Vedic community located on Torotama Island, in southern Brazil. 
Anandpur is an eco-friendly environment and all of its residents are striving to develop an environmentally sustainable community according to Vedic tradition and contemporary practices. [more]
We adhere to the tenets of Adi Dharma (Primaeval Law), or the Natural and Eternal Law. [more]
English is the predominant language of the community with Portuguese spoken as an ancillary language. Many Anandpurians (that's how we refer to Anandpur residents) are also fluent in Hindi and Nepali as well as in other foreign languages.
Thanks to its English-speaking environment, Anandpur is also an excellent choice for you to learn or improve your English language skills. [more]
We hope you will enjoy your virtual visit to our Vedic Community! May you decide to pay us a visit and see for yourself what Anandpur has to offer!